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Optical Bonding|Adhesive Bonding


Maxen is providing OCA,OCR/LOCA optical bonding for high end applications which requires more ture image display,higher transparency.

Optical bonding refers to a protective glass that is glued in front of a display to enhance its readability where installed in high humidity outdoor environments. When a normal display is used in an outdoor environment, there are some factors that affect its readability. The most common one is “fog”, or condensation, which forms on the inner surface of display's vandal shield. Another factor is the reflection of sunlight, which causes a mirror-image on the display. Both phenomena can be solved by using optical bonding.

There are a wide variety of adhesives used for optical bonding processes. Three of the most commonly used are silicone, epoxy, and polyurethane.

Optical bonding is the use of an optical-grade adhesive to glue a glass to the top surface of a display. The main goal of optical bonding is to improve the display performance under outdoor environments. This method eliminates the air gap between the cover glass and the display.

The main purpose of optical bonding is to increase the display's contrast ratio by reducing the amount of reflected ambient light

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