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The price difference between OLED and LTPS LCD is getting less and less

Author: AdminTime: 2018-07-23 10:52

As shown in Figure 1, the productivity utilization of the Samsung hard screen is expected to recover to 80% in June, mainly at the A2 plant, and the glass input from the 175k. A2 factory is increasing gradually from the lowest point in February, mainly from the demand from the reduction of the hard screen OLED. The average price for the OLED hard screen between 5.5 "-6" is expected to fall to $23 in the third quarter, and the price difference between the corresponding LTPS LCD screens is only about $5, even in the second quarter of the Chinese market. As the price of OLED mobile phones is relatively high relative to the LTPS LCD screen, that is to say, using the OLED hard screen to bring a more profitable profit to the mobile phone manufacturers, we think the productivity utilization of the hard screen OLED factory will still rise in the second half of the year.