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Innolux changes to Television panel production

Source: moneydjAuthor: AdminTime: 2017-10-31 11:47

In response to the rise of the mainland panel factory, Taiwan panel factory, in addition to seeking product differentiation, technology added value, but also through enhancing automation, improve production efficiency to open the gap between the competition. At present there are module factory Innolux, AUO panel production module products in Taiwan, is mainly the automotive, aerospace, industrial and other high order application products.
IEK manager Lin Zemin said that wisdom is not simply to buy the machine manufacturing arm can be done, but from the beginning of the product design, to the system of management to the overall transformation, so the automatic production is not easy to imitate.

Lin Zemin pointed out that through automated production, the flexibility and speed of the exchange line are improved, the quality of production is more stable, for example, the European car factory is often designated in Taiwan automation module production line production.

Innolux product center director Yang Qiulian said the total action, since three to promote the unity since the company has been in the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, a step by step to improve the automation of production, even in the past after the module can be highly labor-intensive production through the robotic arm.

Innolux is from Taiwan module factory, take the lead in promoting the "lights factory" leader, and the company was first started from the NB panel, is a panel in area is relatively large, relatively easy to do.

After a period of time, Taiwan Innolux module factory in the NB panel, the car panel, have to import a large number of automated production, this year also began to use in the mobile phone panel, 5 inch panel part can fully automated production. As for the TV panel, because of the larger area, the automation is mainly replaced by the transport of manpower.

Innolux three in one in the beginning, the total number of employees up to 130 thousand people, this year the number of employees has dropped to 62 thousand, reducing the manpower by more than 50%, but yield more significant benefits.

Qunchuang wisdom will be applied in future manufacturing machine manufacturing, from open cell to the test in the same factory for one-stop production. This year is the first year of business, Innolux, manufacturing is expected to gradually carry out, there will be a steady shipments next year, the first quarter of next year monthly shipments will reach 100 thousand units, to the end of next year to force their monthly 500 thousand.

The transformation of television manufacturing

Innolux believes that next year, the new 10.5 generation panel capacity out of factory due to the new generation, has little effect on the market, but the 8.6 generation of new capacity will impact the existing 8.6 generation plant, the transformation of TV manufacturing, for their own panel to identify Haikou.

Innolux chairman Wang Zhichao said today online conference calls, the gradual transformation of TV production, this year is the first year of television machine assembly, negotiate OEM assembly with the group of customers, in addition to the demand, the original OEM assembly customers also actively approached.

Innolux general manager Xiao Zhihong also pointed out in the said method, various panels are facing new capacity out of the competition, the conversion also encountered new technologies, the specification of the TV panel to the large screen, high resolution, ultra-thin, borderless development. Liquid crystal display (Monitor), electric pen meet specifications eSports rise, mobile phone panel to full screen conversion, the panel factory have 11 face.

He said that the new TV panel production capacity continues to open sea, the panel is particularly important, how to catch the sea? Qunchuang select input of TV sets manufactured will be made perfect through vertical integration, intelligent manufacturing, TV production volume is expected next year.

He evaluated fourth quarter China mainland TV market is likely to decline, the development of China home market steady, emerging markets are expected to grow.

September exhibition and touch Innolux reporters in smart display, has proposed the second half of this year the whole TV monthly shipment of 100 thousand units, 500 thousand units shipped next month; but, today held a "target for the fourth quarter of this year, adjust the monthly shipments of 1 to 20 thousand units in the first quarter of next year monthly shipment of 100 thousand units before the end of next year, a single month shipment of 400 thousand to 500 thousand.

Qunchuang estimate, the fourth quarter of large size panel shipments were flat, small size panel shipments decline, but is expected to strong growth in mobile phone panel shipment.