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China LCD panel 11 generation line landing three difficult problems to be solved

Source: AdminTime: 2017-06-27 16:31

Unsurprisingly, the world's highest generation LCD panel production line again Lazi Chinese. In August 29th, TCL group announced that, Huaxing Power in Shenzhen Guangming New District, 46 billion 500 million yuan investment in the construction of the eleventh generation of TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display production line project under the flag, and the establishment of G11 item company, the long rumored G11 generation line finally settled. However, in our country LCD panel production capacity to the world's first goal sprint, the industry has to build high generation line raised concerns. Will there be an excess capacity of the global LCD panel? How will the contest between LCD and OLED be staged? How will the G11 generation break through the supply chain and equipment problems?

China's new production line has obvious advantages
In December 2015, the BOE's 10.5 generation line started construction in Hefei. After less than a year, Huaxing photoelectric G11 project landed in Shenzhen, China's two consecutive investment two 10 generation LCD panel production line project, in the global display industry caused a sensation.
It is understood that the G11 project agreement the parties intend to jointly invest in the construction of a 3370mm x 2940mm on the processing of the glass substrate 90 thousand and the eleventh generation TFT-LCD AMOLED new display production line, plans to start construction in December this year, officially in July 2019 to achieve mass production.
From the strategic layout of Huaxing Power, large size, ultra high-definition TV has become a trend, but not in the layout of Huaxing Power 65 inch large size LCD panel, the oxide semiconductor Printing technology and OLED G11 generation line built, Huaxing Power will be on the large size panel market layout more perfect, which is conducive to the comprehensive to enhance the competitiveness of the LCD panel business.
In recent years, China has invested in the construction of a number of high - generation LCD panel production lines, for the construction of 11 generations of lines, the industry still raised concerns and doubts. Now, South Korea SamSung gradually closed the 5 generation line and the 7 generation line, the funds transferred to the AMOLED technology; and LGD also overall layout large size OLED panel. The day before, BOE chairman Wang Dongsheng also made clear in an "Chinese electronic newspaper" exclusive interview with reporters: "in the field of semiconductor display, BOE principle not to invest in TFT-LCD production line, focus on investment in the future of AMOLED is a new generation of display technology." So, in this case, whether our country should also invested heavily in the construction of LCD panel production line?
In this regard, Tsinghua University professor Zhang Baizhe told the "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter, compared with other regions in 2010 before the construction of high generation production line, China's new technology and equipment used in the production line is more advanced, the advantage is obvious. In the competition with OLED, the progress of LCD technology is faster and faster, and there is still a lot of room for development. And OLED wants to become mainstream to replace LCD, must enter colour TV market.
Experts told reporters just such an account: a 90K/ month G8.5 generation line capacity of 5 million 940 thousand square meters / year, 25 of about 150 million square metres (without considering the substrate utilization rate, yield and productivity, such as considering the possibility of nearly 30 production lines, each line) to 25 billion yuan investment in total investment calculation, so 25 TFT-LCD production line is 625 billion yuan.
"In fact, from this very simple arithmetic problem can be answered, from now on, within the next 10 years, FPD and OLED who is the mainstream of the market?." Zhang Baizhe expresses. In fact, in addition to OLED investment scale can not be compared with TFT-LCD, large-scale OLED technology roadmap is not yet determined, but also become the biggest problem restricting its development.
Is global LCD panel overcapacity?
In recent years, China's increasingly high generation LCD panel production line investment, by the end of 2015, China has 8 8.5 generation LCD panel production line mass production, coupled with the upcoming production of Fuzhou BOE 8.5 generation line, Chengdu panda 8.6 generation line, Chongqing 8.6 generation line aucan and Hefei BOE 10.5 generation line so, our high generation LCD panel production line up to more than 12. In this case, Huaxing photoelectric reconstruction of the 11 generation line, whether there will be LCD panels overcapacity worries?
CCID think tank electronic information industry researcher Geng Yi told the "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter: "when a high generation line is the construction of the intake period, excess capacity will be a certain situation, but the shock, immediately stop the construction method of all production line is definitely not the right solution. The construction of G11 Huaxing power generation line, should be for the enterprise of its own level of production, market demand, competitive considerations, should be attributed to the market behavior, so whether the excess capacity is not mainly based on a single enterprise or individual local government decision-making."
However, with the "excess capacity" public opinion in stark contrast, this year's LCD panel market is showing a shortage of demand. IHS data show that in August, TV panel prices rose again, the average size of each TV panel rose by 8 to 10 U. S. dollars, the highest increase of 15%. Analysis of LCD panel supply is one of the main reasons is the Samsung display (SD) will close a 7 generation panel production line, resulting in a sharp LCD panel production capacity gap, of which 40 inch to 43 inch panel a lot of stock. As the global panel production capacity continued to decrease until the first half of 2017, panel supply will also show a tight state.
Zhang Baizhe analysis, Samsung has two G7 production lines, with a total capacity of 340K/ months, annual production capacity of 16 million 790 thousand square meters. The world began to build G7 production lines from the beginning of 2005. By the end of 2015, there were 10 companies investing in the three countries and four sites, forming about 160 million square meters of capacity from G7 to G10. As long as our country does not accept the old lines transferred by other manufacturers, there will be no overcapacity problems, but the product mix should be adjusted.
Although the LCD panel market has great development space, but the comprehensive analysis at home and abroad, the LCD panel industry development status, Zhang Baizhe also suggested that China's LCD panel industry should also moderate development, to play a clustering effect, control the investment subject, and focus on the construction of regional production line only, to avoid duplication of investment and disorderly competition.

Solve the upstream industry chain supporting problems

For Huaxing Power 11 generation line, in addition to the market and technology factors, the coordination of industrial chain is also an important factor affecting its ability to start, not only to solve the matching problem of glass substrate, polarizer, mask, liquid crystal materials, equipment have to re design, R & D, manufacturing.
According to the reporter, before last year, BOE 10.5 generation line started, in order to solve the problem on the glass substrate to supply the pay a lot of hard work, until Corelle invested $1 billion 300 million in BOE 10.5 generation line near the factory to build a 10.5 generation glass substrate plant, to thoroughly solve the Beijing East concerns, so the Huaxing Power 11 generation line of glass substrate the supply problem has been the subject of concern to the industry.
Huaxing photoelectric chairman Bo Lianming in an "China electronic newspaper" interview with reporters, the glass substrate is a problem in the industrial chain, in the construction planning, Huaxing Power specially designed a piece of land to the glass factory. Asahi in Huizhou will be supporting the 11 generation line to Huaxing Power, the glass was transported to the factory next to a cutting before entering the factory, in order to achieve seamless connection. Other upstream supporting materials are more versatile, polarizer is also done after cutting, of which 65 inches and 75 inches polarizer have been resolved.
For Huaxing Power 11 generation line of production time, Zhang Baizhe said, Nikon G10 exposure period making machine is 18 months, they in addition to the BOE G10.5 generation line, also to Huaxing Power Generation G11 line, this is down G11 Huaxing power generation line will achieve mass production in two and a half years later.
To be sure, Huaxing Power invested 11 generation line will greatly drive the development of upstream supporting industry, and promote the development of China's liquid crystal materials, Polaroid will make breakthrough progress, China's flat panel display industry chain to further improve. Bo Lianming said, "to accelerate the extension of the upstream industry chain to 13th Five-Year period, for a major breakthrough in the localization of some key materials and equipment. LCD TV panel self-sufficiency rate will reach or even more than 80% of the target, and China's two leading enterprises of international competitiveness will also be fully into the world's top four position.